Members Gallery

Members Gallery

The following images have been submitted by members to show how they have been using the techniques which are taught in the classes. Some of the images are samples created to practice the techniques and some are finished pieces.

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Julie Uprichard -Quilt made using Pineapple blocks from paper piecing class.

Jayne Wilson - The whole cloth and embellished trapunto course. I have never done anything like this before. I had not had time to do the sample at the earlier trapunto class in series one, so took the plunge to go straight for the class in series too so I could practice my FMQing . Love the cushion I made from the sample.

Liz Harris - I signed up for Philippa’s Beginners Quilting Course and I loved it. She explained each stage in detail and I was able to follow her instructions without too much difficulty, it’s great to be able to rewind!

Alison Mair - This is my beginners quilt made with Philippa’s help

Jane Nolan - I have practised precision piecing and machine quilting from Quilters' Question Time. And under the influence of Philippa's level of perfection, I made sure that the joins on the binding were going the same way as the seams on the half square triangle blocks.

Amanda Gair -  I made this in the Happy Heart Curved Piecing class. Need to redo the quilting class so I can do it justice with some nice quilting!

Patty Coates - Miniature Quilts class 

Colleen Jones - Precision piecing, double piping and mitered corners!

Jamée Ard - Beginner Class

Nava Young - " I made this quilt for neonatal babies. I am a contemporary quilter and felt the need to try other forms and Philippa has always inspired me."

Claire Rees - "My first piece completed from the beginners class."

Monika Grove - "I wanted to show that Philippa's first video class, "Piping and Binding" helped me to almost perfect my binding technique. "

Sheilah Strobel - Philippa's “Piping and Binding” class was awesome. I have been quilting for many years and her technique was new to me. It is much more precise and easier on my arthritic hands.

Rose Chambers - I used the skills I learned from Phillipa to make this quilt- specifically precision piecing and free-motion quilting. What a wonderful teacher - thank you, Phillipa!!

Patti Laplume - I use a lot of the techniques from the classes in my quilts. The one class I use and go back to the most is the first (binding and piping). I love putting the piping on every quilt now.

June Gardner

Karen Eggers -I am doing a much better job of piecing after watching the techniques in piecing from Quilters Question Time. Also I am utilizing the tips on threads and needles and cutting techniques. Thank you Philippa.

Carole Meyer - 2 cushions made with squares from the precision piecing class and piping from that class too.

Prudence Blake - Two of the techniques I’m used in this quilt (which is not quite finished yet but will be shortly using the binding and border technique) and also precision piecing.

Dawn Taylor -I have attached photos of bags I made for my friends, using the precision piecing blocks and binding classes. One lady loves cats and the other has rescue chickens!

Barbara Michaelides -Here is my first quilt that I made after watching the first classes on cutting; sewing; binding. And I added an applique bird after those classes as well.

Tonia Lovelady -I have always wanted to make a Family Tree Quilt and after taking the embroidery classes, I decided to dive in and make this. There is a bird for each of my kids, spouses and grandkids and of course myself and husband

Tracy -I used what I'd learnt in the Precision Piecing Lesson to piece the blocks for a quilt. Not perfect but better than I'd ever managed to do in the past.

Hilary Hardman -My Bargello Bag😃😍

Debra Baines - In my Happy Heart I have included examples of techniques from the classes of curved piecing, FMQ, raw edge applique with a variety of stitching options, borders and piping.

Beryl Gregg -This was my first attempt at curved piecing, plus applique, plus circles, plus free motion quilting. I turned it into a wall hanging for my grandson trying to follow Phiippa's instructions.

Margaret Moczulski - Appliqué quilt

Jan Smith -This is the quilt I finally finished last night. Started in February using Philippa’s techniques. Double piping and binding, appliqué, free motion quilting and a little trapunto.


Linda Furr -Applique

Nicola Ward - Attached is my entry for the gallery … soon to be made into a table topper for Christmas. Fingers crossed I’m lucky.

Susan Wilks - A sewing machine cover that I have made for my Daughter using Phillipa’s precision course

Sheila Parker - This was my first attempt at trapunto, thanks to Philippa’s great tuition

Merrill Tanton - I made this small wall hanging 22” x 22” after watching the applique class.

Elaine Allcoat - This is the first piece of magic I learned from the £1 trial I signed up for. I had made the little dolls pram quilt and pillowcase a long time ago, but put it aside as I had no idea how to finish the quilt. And then Philippa came into my life.....

Maureen Robinson - I am enclosing a photo of my Happy Heart which I was so pleased with. Haven't completed everything in the course yet as garden is the big draw at the moment but am looking forward to completing it quite soon.

Tracie Bignell - My Creative Curved Piecing class sample.

Yana Manktelow - My precision piece from Philippa’s classes using some of my stash. First attempt at such detail, thank you Philippa.

Deborah Peterson

Rose McNulty - My latest double-bed quilts made from a pattern I bought in New Zealand - Urban Owls by Wendy Williams. Phillipa’s masterclass on precision piecing made the making of many many flying geese so easy and very precise. Everything went together so easily…

Amanda Tudor - My first attempt at, binding, piping and raw edge appliqué.

J Fisher

Veronica Trevaskis - This is my Happy Heart made with William Morris fabrics. Pleased with it.

Lois Phillips - Here is my quilt from the beginner’s class. I’m watching carefully how to hand sew on the binding!!

A Jones

Melissa Hollenbeck - I just finished binding this quilt using Philippa’s binding video as my guide. I like the extra polish that the piping adds. This will be a utilitarian quilt so I opted to apply the binding with machine stitching. I hand basted the back down before machine stitching the binding on the front. Next time I will add a tiny bit more width to the binding. By doing this I’ll be able to stitch in the ditch next to the piping and catch the back right along the binding edge.

Kathryn Badlan - A work in progress, far from complete and not perfect, more bespoke!! I have loved the appliqué class and have spent a bit of time practising producing the shapes. Without instructions for putting Bird together, I have struggled a bit with accurate, symmetrical positioning but that hasn’t detracted from the fun

Lynette Lobb - Book raffle!

Margy Hill - I took a class from Philippa at Asilomar in 2013 on curved piecing. This little table runner was the result of that class.

Susan Stilling - I tried piping round this wall hanging after the Piping and Binding class. In spite of initial scepticism, I also now use ladder stitch for hand applique, following Philippa's advice, and the thread is definitely less visible.

Shivdas - In one of these entries which I call “A Bucket Full of Memories”.Pattern by @hatched and patched, Australia.  I took the freedom of adding my own artistic touch and interpretation to make a few changes to the pattern.Border pattern adapted from @Kim _Diehl _quilts 

Janet Morton - I have done the piping, borders and trapunto

Pat Welsh - 

Karen Mosedale - Here is one of my projects which was greatly helped by Phillipa’s lesson on using blanket stitch appliqué.

Helen Kilzer - I used Philippa's technique for turned-edge appliqué to form all the sharp points and valleys on the trees for my daughters' wedding quilt. None of the trees are stitched down yet. These are still all on my design wall but I am so much farther along since taking this class.

Robyn Ford - I used Phillipa's Precision Piecing class for this quilt titled 'Socially Distanced', designed by Michelle Marvig. I love that I can go back to the videos to refresh my memory and improve my skills.

Teri Barros - I love binding now that I’ve taken Philippa’s class.

Flack Marianne - I have enjoyed learning and discovering all that Phillipa sends my way in her classes opening up my knowledge in such an enjoyable way. Many thanks to the team, my block became part of the pillow segment of my daughters quillow.

Joy Jordan

Janice Mandry - My precision piecing exercise made into a cushion.

Rosalind Pollock - A new treatment to me:)

Deanne Hemphill

Elizabeth Humphrey - I have just finished making this elephant quilt ( last night) in fact, using your free motion machine quilting techniques. Also did the hearts from your appliqué teaching session on hearts. The binding was done using advice from your binding tutorial. I have attached some photos for the gallery and a chance to enter your competition for the prize draw.

Gill P - Here is my sample from the precision piecing class.

Angela Jordan - Raw edge Applique

Barbara Barraclough - The very best thing I have learned from Philippa’s classes so far has been making a wider binding and adding piping! I have been so excited to see my finished quilts with this and won’t make narrow binding without piping ever again. Here are some samples!

Sharon - Multiple lessons points,binding,piping and FMQ

Peggy Kruczynski

Judy Chaffee

Pradnya Kanitkar - After doing the first class of the Season 1 - Piping and Binding, learnt how to make the best possible piping with Philippa's own techniques and used those techniques and did Piping (first time) and Binding to complete this quilt. Thank you so much.

Barbara Helm

Mandy Martin - Happy Hearts, my first project guided by Philippa.

Anne Douglas - Please please enter me in your prize draw for your fabulous book Philippa and David.

Jill Taylor - My first effort after watching Philippa’s lesson on Precision Piecing. I have learned such a lot in this lesson. Thank you Philippa. ✂️

Judith Locker - Please enter me into the prize draw to win Philippa’s wonderful Appliqué Mastery book. I have given up hope of finding a copy and would treasure and use it wisely.
I have added my photo of the happy hearts piece. It is destined to be a wall hanging in my new sewing room (I’ve just moved house). I particularly like this because it the class where I realised that attention to detail was more important than racing to finish a project.

If you would like to send an image of one of your quilts to be included in the members gallery - please send the image with your name and any description you would like to add to [email protected]

Sarah Richards - Please find attached a photo of the work that I have done from one of Philippa’s classes.

Marian Fass - I refer to the beginner's class over and over again. So very helpful...thank you!

Sally Craig

Nanc Foster - I made this quilt as part of Philippa’s online Beginners Quilting Class.

Sarah Richards - I have now used the curve piecing to make a quilt top, currently quilting it.


Debbie Wisdom - Here is an image of my beginners quilt which I also put piping onto. I learnt such a lot from making this quilt.

Sue Jackson - Here is my beginners quilt made following Phillipa’s excellent class. The first quilting I have ever done.

Lolly Schiffman - Using curved piecing

Maggie Taylor - This is my first attempt from The Precision Piecing Class. Almost perfect....thank you Philippa for you thorough informative instructions.

Lolita Wilmot - I made this table runner using the techniques from the Precision Piecing class.  

Thilo Pillay - I made this quilt for my friend’s baby who was born at the end of July. I used the fmq techniques I learned from Phillipa’s class. Also used her technique for binding and how to her a perfect corner.

Janet Stephens - Pillow made with instructions from precision piecing, piping, and borders lessons.

Nicola Merrifield

Jacqui Robertson

Shelley Powell - I made this for my great nephew after going through the beginner quilting course. It gave me the confidence to do the quilting which I had never done before and the border using mitred edges

Yvonne Canavan - In reply to your email about the draw for Phillippa's appliqué, I attach my sample for "Precision Points" - as yet unquilted! This class was a revelation to me and I have never before achieved such perfection in points!

Sally - Attached are photos of work for the gallery and entry into the draw.

Emily Paul - Please see my attached picture following Phillipa’s class on Turned Edge Applique – I am loving every minute of it. Still very much a beginner! But the techniques are fantastic.

Pam Martin - Used so many of her tips for this. Full story shared on the FB page.

Annette Johnson - Here is my pineapple block bed runner as my entry ticket to the draw, and my dresden Plate wall hanging, all learnt from Philippa xx

Debbie Schmidt  -Here is a project using Philippa's technique. LOVE her

Janice Lawrence - Really enjoyed making my first quilt and a cushion to match. Loved Philippa’s fabric choice and it matched my lounge so well I just had to copy!

Christine Wujick  - Here is my submission of the photo of the pillow I made using technique learned In quilters Question class.

If you would like to send an image of one of your quilts to be included in the members gallery - please send the image with your name and any description you would like to add to [email protected]

There are several pages of gallery pictures - click below to find the others:

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