Members Gallery 1

Members Gallery #1

The following images have been submitted by members to show how they have been using the techniques which are taught in the classes. Some of the images are samples created to practice the techniques and some are finished pieces.

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Lisa Carruthers - During the first year of the pandemic I enjoyed taking Phillipa’s wonderful course. I have learned so much! And now have a resource to review aspects of quilting that I need to refresh. I am nearly finished with this baby quilt for my first grandchild! So much help from the course! Like binding attachment, mitred corners, ladder stitch, sewing points, cutting accurately, which threads to use, machine tension adjustments, ….everything in the course has improved my quilting. Thank you, Phillippa !

Carol Wilson - I Started Philippa’s course in the middle of covid. I  have taken Philipa's basic principle to create squares as can been seen below and plan to incorporate the happy heart just watching the videos . I am so enjoying this new found hobby and am getting obsessed with fabric. 

Deb Anderson - A baby quilt for a lovely new baby boy in our very small fishing village. Philippa’s classes have provided me with the skills and courage to tackle free motion quilting, precision piecing curved piecing and trapunto.

Chris Dobson - Hello,please find attached pictures for the members gallery

Danita O'Keeffe - The cushion cover made using precision piecing and the binding tutorials

Mandy Barton - Loving Philippa’s beginners class! Quilt top made, now the scary part, quilting it without making a mess. Loving all the tit bits of information, learning a lot - thank you .

Cindy Schmidt - 

Gaynor Corr - I would like to share with the group my first attempt at embellishing Trapunto. I am thoroughly enjoying each of the lessons and gaining more and more skills in each class that I do. A huge huge thanks. I used many of the techniques including free motion quilting Trapunto,binding and the hanging sleeve.

Wendy Morgan - I have attached a photo of a project I made based on Philippa's Precision Piecing class.

Paddy Spiby - This is from the first class way back in April’20 1st time I has tackled points

Theresa Applegate - This is the first time I've tried piping.  Love how it frames the quilt.  The binding is working progress.

Carole Charley - We have some amazing people in the group who like sharing and helping everyone.

Hilary Plowman - My first patchwork and quilt projects. Aided of course by Phillippa

Eileen Johnston - This is a Covid project that grew from trying to perfect a lesson from quilters question. Not quilted yet but used up lots of scraps from my stash!

Helen Wheeldon - This block is one I made learning how to use my new sewing machine, however, I followed Philippa’s Borders and Facings class to finish it.
The inner frame has a straight border and the outer 2 mitred, last definitely better than the first. It was good to do both

Sarah-Jane McNeill - My entry

Marion Gourlay - Sending my happy heart which is still to be completed, i would also like to be entered into the draw.thank you David and philippa for all your help

Alessandra Toninelli - My first attempt in double binding following Philippa's great instructions.

Val Chappell - I had reached the binding stage on this quilt when I first bought Phillipa’s quilting course, so I went straight to the lesson on binding, and benefitted by achieving lovely mitred corners.

Joanne Davis - This is my Happy Heart. I used multiple techniques learned through Philippa’s classes including the freezer paper pattern, curved piecing, appliqué, free motion quilting and binding.

Krys Garlick - Curved piecing, piping and binding and hanging sleeve. This one is my favourite. I have learned so many techniques in every class! 🥰

Sharon Avent - Please find attached my ‘not so perfect’ sample of precision piecing as my entry to your book competition. I am so looking forward to spending more time quilting this winter following your excellent classes

Margaret Sherwood - hope to be able to add my bargello photo. Looks okay on the outside but the lining appears to be far too big. Thanks for all you do Phillipa and all the team you are such an inspiration.

Rosemary Anne Mcnulty

Karen Short - This is a work in progress! It is going to be a quilt for my granddaughter (now 4-1/2 years old) made from her clothes. My daughter's grandmother made her a quilt from clothes that I had made for her. The grandmother made a grandmothers flower garden quilt and my daughter wanted something similar

Susan White

Rosemary Anne Mcnulty - Hi, please find attached a picture of my latest ‘SuperHero Quilt’ that I’ve just completed for my 5 yr old grandson. I’ve used Philippa’s piping and binding tips to give the quilt a lovely pop of colour with the bumbleberries yellow/orange piping

Janet Morton - I have done the piping, borders and trapunto

Shivdas - Winning Philippa’s book is an amazing price to the draw.

Sandra Foster - I’ve attached a photo of a little piece from the trapunto class, finished with rouleau loops. There’s also a picture of the curved piecing block, which isn’t finished. I don’t need to be entered into the draw, as I already have that lovely book, but I thought I’d participate in the gallery.

Kathleen Whitley - I made this cushion using the precision piecing class, the borders and binding/piping classes and the free motion quilting class. This is my third project with piecing and my second with free motion quilting. Thanks, Phillippa!

Becky Bigler - Appliqued Christmas wall hanging. I just love Phillipa's classes!! Thanks so much for the chance to enter the drawing!

Helen Standley

Stephanie Way - This is my first attempt at mitred corners as well as the first time adding borders. As a newbie quilter, I am so pleased with the way it has turned out! I am sure there are lots of things not perfect but it has given me a huge lift.

Karen & Tom Newberry - Please find attached my Pineapple Quilt.Thanks for all you do!

Rineke Sangster

Rineke Sangster

Margaret Ann Berry

Iris Gordon - I gifted this quilt to our oldest grandson for a high school graduation! Thank you, Phillippa for the details on precision piecing! I also incorporated piping on his quilt label. Thank you.

Melissa Bowra

Jill Tuddenham - I have attached here my precision piecing quilt which I made during my online class with Philippa.I thoroughly enjoyed my lessons with her. She is such a fantastic teacher and explains everything so clearly.I wanted to enter this quilt as it took me so long.

Judith Pryke

Yana Manktelow - My precision piece from Philippa’s classes using some of my stash. First attempt at such detail, thank you, Philippa

Jane Nolan - I have practised precision piecing and machine quilting from Quilters' Question Time.

Deborah Peterson - Entry for drawing

If you would like to send an image of one of your quilts to be included in the members gallery - please send the image with your name and any description you would like to add to [email protected]

There are several pages of gallery pictures - click below to find the others:

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