Members Gallery 4

Members Gallery #4

The following images have been submitted by members to show how they have been using the techniques which are taught in the classes. Some of the images are samples created to practice the techniques and some are finished pieces.

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Sally Chirio - My Beginning Quilt class project. I just love it. Thank you Philippa for the excellent instructions and easy to follow videos. Thanks to David for the fabulous videography. I added piping to my quilt on my own. Anxious for Philippa’s class on piping.

Christina Jensen - Here is my image to be entered in the drawing !! Love you two!!

Dana Flanders - I have joined Phillippa’s class 2 weeks ago with the piping class. I was so inspired I quickly made piping and went to apply it to my latest quilt but then I remember it has to be quilted first!

Jax Hood - Here is my completed beginners quilt from Phillipa’s class.

Cilla Moncrieff - Best wishes to you all

Elly Vanderklugt

Sonia Afanador - This was done for my mother, she had dresses from her mom and wanted to display them so I made a quilt. I also used some for the flowers in the basket.

Carol Metcalfe

Chris Schreiner - Here is my tote bag.

Gabriel Holmes - Gifts for my grandchildren. This is the first time I’ve used Precision Piping and I’m hooked on it.

Liz Turnbull

Joan Linden - Please enter me in the book drawing. Thank you.


Aileen Roberts

Kay Sheils

Sue Brandon - HiI have just finished my first quilt after watching Phillipa's Beginners Class. It was super to be able to go over parts of the class to watch again and double-check methods as I was working. It was so clear. I am quite pleased with my first effort and look forward to doing more in the future.

Kathleen Hatcher - Love Phillipa’s classes!!

Angela Timbrell - Here is a photo of my precision piecing sample. Thanks to Philippa for teaching me so much.

Anne Yuill - Hi David and Phillipa Here is a quilt I recently finished for my 18-year-old granddaughter called Catherine. It is called 'Cat's quilt' as her Dad's nickname for her is 'Kitty Cat' and surprisingly she loves cats. Catherine is starting University next month and this was made for her 18th birthday.

Kaye Stilber - I made two of these and I gave the first to my cousin that was injured in Vietnam The second I gave to my twin sister and it was better I am planning to make one for me maybe it might be right on the third time.

Marjorie Aronson - My Trapunto sampler. Never had the courage to try this technique before.

Sherlyn Hailston

Helen Reece

Julia Prince - Jungle-themed beginner’s quilt that has flown 9,000 miles to Australia for my first grandchild.Julia

Trudi Baker

Jane Osborne

Helen Smith - Hi I made this little quilt following your beginners class and I loved doing it. My daughter is thrilled with it.

Isabella Jane Currie -, These are my very first attempts after doing Phillipa’s beginners class. Have since bought her series of classes and working my way through them.Just used scraps for this practice block. Made some cushion covers with similar design.Loving learning from Philippa

Chrissy Losey - As I made this Christmas Morning Delight wall hanging, I was able to use the Piping Cord to add a pop of red and extra stiffness at the Mitred Binding. Also applied the learnings from Precision Piecing at the inner border and stars

Donna Nichols - Aloha from Papaikou, Hawaii. Here's my very first creation on a sample from the Feather class. This entire piece is nearly complete. It's a baby blanket with a lot of machine stitching but for the bear's pillow, I wanted it to be special. This entire quilt is just a rough draft.


Isabel Kershaw -- First-ever quilt, Beginners course with a sneaky bit of piping.

Deb Flood - I have used the method learned for binding on several quilts now and Wow what a difference, great results every time with perfect mitred corners. Thanks!!

Jennifer Macgregor - This is my beginner quilt from Phillipa beginner class.Love the class and am now ready to start the actual classes. I have quilted now for a couple of years but mostly self-taught. This class has taught me so much I now almost enjoy adding binding.

Carol Woodward - This basket of flowers is a miniature incorporating some of Philippa's techniques

Julie Jarvis

Sarah Huggins

Dee Dadik, USA - Wide binding, precision piecing with lots of pins, appliqué circles, lots of Kaffe fabrics.

Jacqui Chandler

Caroline Tebbutt

Jean Twycross - I made this quilt last year as an “Item of Applique” for my City and Guilds course. Initial idea started as a cushion but as the year progressed and I worked up my idea, this wall hanging is what developed. The rainbow theme I had been using became significant.

Debra Conway -Attached are quilted table runners I made using Philippa’s binding and piecing techniques. Thanks,Debra

Judi Casias - just sending a photo of turned edge appliqué. In process, but all techniques are from the book.

Michelle Gourley - My second beginners quilt is a gift for the great-grandson of a friend. Wherever Leo goes, the quilt goes too.

Aisling Blagg

Shannon Nichols - This is my first block. I am going to make a Phillipa sampler quilt with a sea theme.

Allison James - Hi Please find my image attached. I’m using Phillipa’s techniques in the skinny bias strip appliqué and couching class. It’s a small sample.

Jane Gamble - I have made my sample into a small quilt and hung it in my studio. Best wishes to all of you, loving the lessons

Suzanne Pizzey - Good evening Have attached a picture of my happy heart - still not decided how to use it!!! Many thanks

Jacqueline Edmonds - Hi, I’m forwarding 3 photos from different stages of learning with you and QQT and hope you find them useful for an entry towards the book we call crave for.Many thanks.

Jacqueline Edmonds

If you would like to send an image of one of your quilts to be included in the members gallery - please send the image with your name and any description you would like to add to [email protected]

There are several pages of gallery pictures - click below to find the others:

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