Members Gallery 7

Members Gallery #7

The following images have been submitted by members to show how they have been using the techniques which are taught in the classes. Some of the images are samples created to practice the techniques and some are finished pieces.

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Nancy Ruff

Barbara Wood -.Although my antimacassars have appeared on the Facebook page, I would like them to be included in the member's gallery on the website, please. I followed Philippa's 'Precision Piecing' class

Jaccii Jones - My sample following the precision piecing class

Clare Roberts - My first completed quilt. I tried Philippa's piping and binding techniques. Looking forward to doing the other lessons. Learnt so much in the first one.

Pauline Closier - A beginner’s quiltTrapunto, free motion and piping (all firsts!)Pineapple block.A work in progress. Curved piecingVery many thanks

Lynda Lockwood - here is my picture of a recent project, an attractive cover for my machine. The curved piecing was intended for the cover but ended up as a cushion instead! Loads of new skills were incorporated, all from the classes. Piping, appliqué, reverse appliqué.

Gill Izzard

Gill Izzard

Patricia Curtis - This quilt uses Philippa's piping and binding technique using the ladder stitch too. I am so pleased with how it turned out.

Patricia Curtis 

Margaret Berg - Hi,This is my first ever completed quilt. Mostly hand done but I used Phillipa's technique from the binding class and border class.

Liz Bramhill - I used Philippa’s instructions for wider binding and mitred corners. So pleased with the corners as I have always made a complete mess of them before! he pattern is Garden Walk by Laura Coons. I called mine Knot Garden as I thought that the material reflected the flowers in the formal gardens you see in stately homes.

Christine Coles - This is my take on the miniature quilt class project. I struggled a bit with the raw edge applique as the pieces were so small, but nevertheless am pleased with the overall result. It adorns the walls of my sewing room.

Vicki Collins - Hello!I have started making this quilt following the Beginners Quilting Course. It is as yet unfinished but I have loved watching (and being able to re-watch as needed!) the videos for useful hints and tips.

Sherry Copp

Carolyn Kendrick - Everytime I bind a quilt, I refer to Philippa's lessons which are clear and makes it straightforward. I am now happy with my mitred corners and invisible joins.

Sherry Copp

Ania Reich - Attached my work based on Phillippa's classes: curved piecing and quilted trapunto.Great, great classes. Absolutely love it.

Ania Reich

Stephanie Shirley - Following instructions from Phillipa I have made my best squares ever. Great instructions. The squares are for the back of the panel quilt - made for my grandchild due in October. I’m still puzzling out how to do the quilting to suit both sides. But looking forward to doing the wider binding.

Ann - Yay finished my first ever machine stitched patchwork block

Denise Pope - I was greatly helped by Philippa's lessons on cutting and sewing curves and raw edge applique. This is a baby quilt for the first baby girl after seven boys!

Joanne Robblee - I made this Princess quilt for my great niece when I took Philippa’s Beginner’s Quilting class back in January. Using remaining fabric I made Miss Bunny and then, of course, Miss Bunny needed her own mini-quilt.

Christine Billanie

Cally Taylor - This is my quilted wall hanging. I followed Phillipa’a tutorials for the binding, piping and even did some hand sewing using ladder stitch!

Joy Wells - Beginner's Quilt and Piping classes - quilt for baby girl born in March.

Joy Wells - Happy Heart, Facing, FMMQ and Raw Edge Applique classes - a cheery project

Caroline Burrows - Firstly, thank you. Quilting is now enjoyable and satisfying, rather than a frustrating compromise. Following Phillipa’s excellent Beginner’s Class on binding and corners, I managed to at least bind this rather random quilt (using inherited family handkerchiefs) to a standard that does them some justice. Now looking forward to progressing!

Marion Bintcliffe - This was my take on Philippa’s beginner quilting class and has been already gifted to Project Linus. Thanks for the amazing classes.

Rossana Premoli - I followed the lessons: perfect circles, precision Piecing and Border and Facing.

Rossana Premoli

Judy Peel - I thoroughly enjoyed this totally new challenge for me...embellished trapunto...thank you Philippa for the inspiration.

Judy Peel - This is my effort at Jack’s Chain following Philippa’s instructions and now to quilt it! This is a challenge I would never have undertaken without QQT...thank you.

Joanna Funnell - I haven’t sewn for 40 years but have managed a quilt using Philippa techniques, I know where I’ve made mistakes and my next one will be better!

Kim Houghton

Kim Houghton

Kath Pickering - Work in progress

Jessica Shepherd - This is my first quilt from the beginners class lessons.It took a long time to hand stitch the back of the binding but I really enjoyed it, and I finished just before my birthday.Jessica Shepherd Aged 13

Jessica Shepherd - This is my first quilt from the beginners class lessons. It took a long time to hand stitch the back of the binding but I really enjoyed it, and I finished just before my birthday.Jessica Shepherd Aged 13

Marcia McCann - Attached is my piping project. I really like what piping adds, also did some free motion. Can’t express how much I enjoy the classes. Love that I can keep referring to them as needed.

Barbara Williamson - In the baby quilt I used Phillipa’s techniques for borders & facings.(The ‘InLine Alphabet’ pattern is from ‘Happy Sew Lucky)

Barbara Williamson - I practised precision piecing, borders & facings, bindings and turned edge applique on these pillows.

Sue Elliott - First time precision piecing First time making half square triangles and First time making Flying Geese! Philippa is awesome! Would never have imagined I could do this!

Aileen Heald - My precision piecing which i love.

Judith Baxter - Here is my precision piecing block.

Anne Garretson - This wall hanging is an example of Philippa's binding technique. Her method of joining the ends was perfect for joining different fabrics so they blend with the top. And the corner technique is so easy and gives such perfect results. I'm really thrilled with the results and love her lessons.

Lisa Walker - The photo shows a couple of the projects from your classes ( which I just LOVE). I would say that the one on the left was a bunch of fun and the one on the right is teaching me patience, :>))

Sandra Foster - a photo of a little piece from the trapunto class, finished with rouleau loops.

Helen Gray - Attached is a photo of my first attempt at facing a wall hanging

Sharon McGregor - My photos show a quilt that I’ve been working on for the past 16 months. It was a block-of-the-month from Today’s Quilter and I made it for my daughter and son-in-law who live on the coast of Massachusetts (I live in the US). I changed some of the blocks to personalize it for them. I used many of Phillipa’s techniques from her classes including her binding method, the beautiful ladder stitch, appliqué, precision piecing and free motion quilting.

Debby Jervis - Please find attached the quilt I made following the Beginner’s lesson. This was my 2nd quilt ever so don’t look too close. I especially love the way to do the border now. My great nephew Ollie is now the owner

Debby Jervis

Chitra George - I have attached my precision pieced block. Enjoyed making it.

Sue Shannon-Jones - I’ve attached a picture of a Christmas cushion following the Precision Piecing class and Piping.

Leonda Markee - I have attached photo of my Precision Piecing class. I made two blocks and for the quilting I practiced both my ruler/template and free motion quilting work at which I am a novice. A pair now protect the arms of my sofa/couch.

Cecelia Sangunett -  Precision piecing 

Cecelia Sangunett - My finished heart project..

Shelby Pattillosim - I'm so excited! Applique is the most difficult for me.

Sandra Findlay - My first quilt from the beginners class. Made it slightly bigger so that it would fit a cot bed.

Cecelia Sangunett -  Creative curved piecing

If you would like to send an image of one of your quilts to be included in the members gallery - please send the image with your name and any description you would like to add to [email protected]

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Eileen Fawcett