Members Gallery 6

Members Gallery #6

The following images have been submitted by members to show how they have been using the techniques which are taught in the classes. Some of the images are samples created to practice the techniques and some are finished pieces.

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Ann Barratt

Claire Harrison - This is my Happy Heart….waiting now for FMQ!!

Chris Wells - Hair of the Dog Quilts - Here are some blocks for a quilt that, after watching the piecing video, improved immensely!!

Cheryl Percival - Precision techniques attempted after watching Philippa’s wonderful classes

Deirdre Hoyle - Here is my Autumn cushion, using scraps during Lockdown, with the help of Philippa’s Foundation Paper Piecing, and Piping classes. Thank you, Philippa

Peggy Watterson - After beginning with one square to learn the precision piecing, I decided to use my large and varied stash of Charlie Harper bird fabrics to make a queen sized quilt. It’s not finished yet and I’ll send another photo after each of the next steps!!!

Corinne Curtis - My entry to the prize draw

Pam Runyon - Here’s my Happy Heart.

Deborah Swail - Using a number of Philippa‘a techniques, I completed this 2-sided table runner. Binding, mitred corners, piping and appliqué. These classes really helped my confidence.

Mary Lou Steward

Val Cartwright - I particularly enjoyed the happy heart piecing class and added some free motion quilting learnt from an earlier class.

Caro.Watson - Attached is my entry for the prize draw. The precision piecing sample and two of the applique heart samples. First-time efforts. I am really enjoying learning the techniques but not going as quick as I would like due to the summer weather.

Jane Murray - Apologies but I am on holiday and don’t have pictures of any completed quilts on my phone! This had yet to have the hearts appliquéd so I hope it qualifies.

Rosemary Payne - Hi, I used techniques learnt from the Beginners class to create this quilt. The pattern required great accuracy in both cutting out and sewing together. I paid particular attention to her pressing lesson and how to attach the border.

Marilyn McKitrick - My precision in piecing and appliqué have so improved with Philippa’s tutorials.

Antari Foster - My practice piece from the Free Motion Feathers class

Rhonda Dueck

Rachel Cecil

Barbara Westbrook

Karen Hanson - I had so much fun making this!

Susan Haskell - Here are three of my projects thanks.

Sarah Higham - Here's my picture, Happy Hearts made for a close friend who lost her husband to cancer during the first lockdown as something for her to hug to remind her that she is not alone.

Wanda Wilson

Jenny Jones - Tried lots of Philippa’s techniques in this. Bottom line thread for piecing; size of needle; Half square triangles; piecing points; free motion quilting for the first time; half-inch binding and finishing with ladder stitch! I am sure there are others too!!!

Glennis Houston - Happy Heart using curved piecing, raw edge applique, wide border, and piping. Currently, a potential wall hanging but thinks ng of turning into a pillow with the other curved piecing project for the other side.

Meera Venkat - Please find attached 3 photos of sample pieces I worked out following Philippa's instructions

Meera Venkat - Please find attached 3 photos of sample pieces I worked out following Philippa's instructions

Meera Venkat - Please find attached 3 photos of sample pieces I worked out following Philippa's instructions>

Ann White - This is one of my photos showing techniques for the gallery it includes mitred border and binding, two rows of piping, free motion feathers and precision piecing. Unfortunately, I am moving house and all my quilts are packed away safely but I will share the small quilt another time.

Sally McMillan

Pauline Pitman - My miniature and my Happy Heart.Really enjoyed making both and learnt so much from Philippa's teaching techniques

Eunice Eldridge

Mary Helderman - several techniques from various classes used

Marion Smith

Elaine Skidmore

Jacquie Durber

Claire McLoughlin - I am really enjoying the course. Love the precision of your sewing! Here is a quilt I recently finished using Philippa’s excellent binding and mitred corner technique. It is a Kaffe Fassett design ‘Jewel Squares’, foundation pieced and hand quilted.

Phyllis McCarte - I was learning so much from the Transformation Series that I decided I should try the Beginners Class too. I really enjoyed making this small quilt and also used what I had learned from the Piping and Binding Class.

Cheryl Kissling - My first attempt at piping, binding , trapunto and a big stitch!!!

Mary Beckwith - This is the front and back of my beginner's quilt that I made from watching Philippa's Beginner's Quilting Class. I learned so many basic quilting techniques from Philippa; what a fabulous teacher.

Pam Kirkpatrick -, it’s my sample from the precision piece class, I made three and plan to make them into a table runner.

Kris and Denise Urs

Janet Stephens - Pillow made with instructions from precision piecing, piping, and borders lessons.

Barb Helm

Kathy Quantrill - My precision pieced block which will be turned into a Christmas cushion using Philippa‘s class. It will also include the piping and borders class.

Hilary Moore - I really enjoyed the challenge of this lesson and was a bit too ambitious with the curves. I found it very difficult.

Chris Castles - I would like to submit my Double Wedding Ring quilt. I have not quilted for many years until Philippa’s course came along. I was a hand quilter so spent several months practising FMQ until I had the confidence to do this quilt.

Sharon Vaulman - This is the first time I’ve ever done a wider binding and loved it so much, it only seemed right to add double piping too. The quilt is a ruler work practice pad. If I had thought about it ahead of time and knew I was going to put this lovely binding on it, I would have used a different colour.

Carmen Bickle

Carmen Bickle

Carmen Bickle

<>If you would like to send an image of one of your quilts to be included in the members gallery - please send the image with your name and any description you would like to add to [email protected]

There are several pages of gallery pictures - click below to find the others:

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