Members Gallery 3

Members Gallery #3

The following images have been submitted by members to show how they have been using the techniques which are taught in the classes. Some of the images are samples created to practice the techniques and some are finished pieces.

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Janice Fagioli - I am doing the beginners class and have used the techniques to get this far

Margaret Crawford - These are photos of 2 things I have made under Philippa’s expert tuition, I would never have attempted them before- I was stuck in a rut, my comfort zone! Thank you Philippa.

Margaret Crawford - These are photos of 2 things I have made under Philippa’s expert tuition, I would never have attempted them before- I was stuck in a rut, my comfort zone! Thank you Philippa.

Melinda Turcotte - I was so Happy learning how to Paper Piece …. I have always wanted to make realistic Snowflakes and learning how to Paper Piece from Philippa has been the Best!! I have to tell you, There is NO ONE Better Than Philippa to learn Sewing 🧵 from 💕

✂️Jill Taylor🧵 - My first effort after watching Philippa’s lesson on Precision Piecing. I have learned such a lot in this lesson. Thank you Philippa. 

Susan Harris - I think the wider binding which Philippa teaches makes a lot of difference to this one cloth quilt. As I was under pressure to produce a new bed cover for my 9 year old Granddaughter I went for this style. The wider binding was easier to execute and looks more professional.Thanks Philippa.

Jan Zodrow

Christine Marsh - My most challenging workshop so far. Really enjoyed the technical sewing and thankyou Phillipa for giving me the confidence to complete this project.

Jenny Sargent

Lesley Lushey - It is a mat for my sewing machine based on some of the classes - applique, FMQ and feathers.

Marilyn Lambert - Here are my latest creations. I'm still a pretty new quilter and have enjoyed Philippa's lessons so much. I have signed up for the beginner's course, precision piecing, curved piecing and so many more. I love the fact that I can go back and review these lessons over and over. I still have many to complete!

Marilyn Lambert 

Marilyn Lambert

Chris Deeds - Used Phillipa's fantastic facing technique to finish my collage quilt.

Diana Bowers - I made this lap quilt for my mother, who belonged to a social club called "Turtles". Sixteen years old now, but still one of my favorites. Had fun with the sand and ocean wave fabric. The outer shell is paper pieced and the rest is appliqued onto the machine stitched squares.

Paula Justen

Linda Hayes - Attached is a photograph of my first pineapple block. So easy to make with Phillipa's wonderful tutelage. Thank you.

Mary Millar - Here is a photo of my Happy Heart project.

Theresa Applegate - This is the first time I've tried piping. Love how it frames the quilt. The binding is working progress.

Nicky Roberts - Here’s my Precision Piecing work from Phillipa’s class. I then made it into a cushion for our caravan in Snowdonia! I even found some very cute sheep buttons to use as a closure. I find Philippa’s classes so inspiring and also easy to follow….and such fun!

Nicky Roberts

Rowena Blencowe - I have never quilted before so I brought Phillipa’s beginners course. Absolutely fabulous -so helpful for a complete novice. Really enjoyed making this quilt. Thank you

Stephanie Kerry - Totally new techniques for me. The orange item I did after watching the Precision Piecing class. I then made the 2nd piece as a wall hanging using her binding technique. All so easy to follow and very inspiring. Thank you Philippa.

Gillian Hibberd - My beginners class quilt

Vivienne Thorn - I am very much a beginner, but here is my effort.

Nancy Tammen

Susan White

Alma Gaertner - Here are my corners and binding after Phillipa’s class.

Alma Gaertner

Janet Begley - Since doing your course I’ve attempted a quilt. Still learning a lot from the lessons

Cilla Moncrieff - This small quilt started off as an attempt at curved piecing and then I embellished it with bias strips and free motion quilting. I call it my wacky and wonky quilt.

Lorraine Robinson - My new project is foundation paper piecing. Never tried this before, should’ve started on something easier first I think, but I’m enjoying making my tuffet. Thank you Philippa

Lorraine Robinson - My new quilt, not yet completed, but it’s for my husband and I’ve never done curved pieces before until Philippa’s workshop. I’m so pleased with the result, I will definitely use this technique again.

Carole Jackson - My interpretation of Phillipa's Happy Heart project! I didn't think 'misaligning' edges would be so challenging! I am really enjoying all the classes and learning so much.

Cathie Phillips - Hi Here are my happy hearts....still in progress! This was my favourite class so far if that's possible as all classes are wonderful. Thoroughly enjoy the experience!

Plumdelice - Good morning. A terrible photo, but I made the small quilt top following the Happy Heart Curved Piecing Class. It has still to be quilted, but I'm waiting for the free motion feathers class for that. I made a pair of cushions from the samples from the Precision Piecing class.

Bambi Reile - I used Phllippa's binding technique on my art quilt. Looks really nice!.

Joanna Strohn - Happy Heart - precision piecing, curved piecing, machine applique. Great idea! Love the course and looking forward to garments.

Clare.Thomson - My beginner's quilt!

Shirley Wheeler - This is my first time of making a quilt for my Granddaughter.

Sharon Waters - This is a quilt I am working on for my Great Nephew, Ziggy. The techniques I have used on this panel is a lot of free-motion quilting and trapunto. I am a beginner at quilting and everything on this panel I have learnt from Philippa’s classes.

Rebecca Powell

Kathy O'Neil

Iris Gordon

Iris Gordon

Carol Elliott - This is the result of my first class from Quilter's Question time. It is my first attempt at doing piping and I need to work on the corners but it is a long way from being intimidated with piping and never brave enough to attempt it. Sign me up for the drawing!

Judy - , Below is an image of the piped binding I put on my quilt ‘The Golden Ratio’. Philippa’s class was awesome and I learned so much from her.

Judy Cuming - QQT techniques used are curved piecing, trapunto, piping and mitred borders

Robyn Cooper

Roberta Katheiser - Here is the quilt I made from the Precision block lesson. I started by making 1 block and loved the way it turned out that I made more. Thanks for the great classes

Sue Lee

If you would like to send an image of one of your quilts to be included in the members gallery - please send the image with your name and any description you would like to add to [email protected]

There are several pages of gallery pictures - click below to find the others:

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