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Philippa has recorded two season's of twelve quilting classes (24 in total), as well as four stand alone classes - a Beginners class, Curtain class, Sashing class, and Pincushionclass.

Season 1 and Season 2 are available as a low cost monthly subscription, or you can purchase a whole season in one go at an additional discount. 

All classes are available to purchase a stand alone class.

Monthly Subscription

The most popular option is to purchase a monthly subscription.  You get a new class each month for a low monthly fee of $15. You can cancel at anytime and keep any classes you have already paid for. 

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Annual purchase - Season 1 / Season 2

The next most popular (and most cost effective) option is to pay in advance for all 12 classes in one season - and get 12 classes for the price of 10. 

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Class Bundles

Philippa's curated class bundles 

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Beginner Quilters Class

If you have only recently started quilting, the Beginners class is the best place to start - covering everything you need to know to make a beautiful first quilt. 

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Individual Classes

You can still purchase any class as a one off purchase.

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Stand-alone Classes

The Curtain Class, and Sashing, Attic Window and Pieced Border Class are not included in any of the other options and can be purchased here.

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Beginner Quilter Class

Everything you need to know in order to make your first quilt!

This class covers the complete quilt making procedure from start to finish, and looks in detail at every area you need to know about. From Equipment and materials to cutting techniques , pressing, 'layering up' and much much more. Over 4.5 hours of video explanations and demonstrations.

$40 USD

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Individual Classes Season 2

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Sewing Machine Savvy Workshop

This is the recording of a live workshop that was held on Wed 7th February 2024. It contains nearly 2 hours of information on how to get the best from your sewing machine

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