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Cathedral Windows Pincushion

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Learn to make this robust, squashy, generous sized, cathedral windows style pincushion.

The pincushion top is made from three fabrics so lots to choose from in terms of how you place your fabrics and the design that you create. The multiple layers on top make it really strong for your pins to go into.


Add your own personal touches

Then there is the little element which finishes off the center. There are lots of options here but Philippa shows you how to make a lovely little tassle to embellish whichever centre element you choose.


Use fabric you already have in your stash

You only need a few small pieces of fabric so you will almost certainly have some in your stash that you can use - and this is a really fun way of using up bits and pieces that you already have.

Hand-sew or sew by machine

Philippa shows you both how to hand-sew and machine-sew this project, so if you're going on a little trip or you're away for two or three days without a sewing machine, its a perfect project. But if you prefer to create by machine, it's a little bit speedier and you get a slightly different look.


Perfect little presents for friends and loved ones

We love this project because you're making something really attractive out of just small pieces of fabric. It's an opportunity to use your creativity without spending money, and you can make something useful not only for yourself, but also for friends and the people that you love who also sew.

How does the class work?

The class is a series of pre-recorded video which you watch on line. You can watch it as often as you want, for as long as you want. There is no start date or end date when you have to finish. 

The class will appear in your Quilters Question Time library along with your other QQT classes. You can download and print the class handouts so you will have all the information you need to start creating.

What people are saying about
Philippa's classes 

Absolutely love your teaching style and how it sparks my creativity. Thanks for putting all your heart into teaching! I love this class!!!.


Although I have been sewing for many years, I am basically self taught, so it has been wonderful to watch how you execute various techniques. 


Thank you Philippa, my creative juices are flowing. So beautiful.


Who is Philippa Naylor?

Philippa is an award winning quilter and quilting teacher based in Yorkshire, England. She has applied her extensive knowledge of couture dress making and design to her quilting and sewing.

Her students always come away buzzing with ideas and enthusiasm to try the techniques she teaches. Throw in her Yorkshire no-nonsense attitude and it ensures classes are always lively and entertaining.

Another fantastic class, informative and entertaining, thank you. I'm not a very creative person, but have come away with so many ideas. 


Stunning design. I loved every minute of your class. The teaching was demonstrated visually, with clear verbal detail, but not rushed.


Your style is absolutely brilliant and had me smiling or laughing all the way through as well as being totally absorbed in your techniques and tips.


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