Annual Subscription

Each month you will get access to a fresh class taught by Philippa, ultimately building to include all the techniques she has developed to create her award-winning work. These lessons will cover a wide spectrum of technical and artistic skills, which will be invaluable in aiding you to move forward in your own work. 

Purchase the annual subscription to get 12 classes for the price of 10. You get instant access to the first three classes, followed by a class a month until you have all twelve.

£120 / $150 per year

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Purchase for £120 per year Purchase for $150 USD per year

Each month you will get:

  • Access to a new class delivered by me showing you the exact techniques I have used to make my award winning quilts.
  • Downloadable copies of patterns and instructions.
  • A review of one of my award winning quilts - explaining the background behind it, the techniques I used and the reasons for the choices I made.
  • Examples of how I also use the same techniques in projects other than quilting.
  • An exclusive Facebook group where you can ask questions about any of the topics we cover and more.
  • Question and answer sessions where I answer your queries.
  • Details of the tools, fabric, thread, and gadgets I use, and hopefully some special offers exclusively for the group.
Purchase for £120 per year Purchase for $150 USD per year

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