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Hello everyone, I'm Philippa Naylor

Join me in my Yorkshire studio for monthly on-line quilting classes

I have created a series of video classes where I share everything I know about quilt-making, including all the techniques I use to make my award winning quilts.

Transform your quilting skills with our monthly classes.

Our monthly classes have been taken by thousands of quilters who love the transformation they have seen in their work. Sign-up today and get the first class for 14 days for just £1 / $1 .

Just starting on your quilting journey?

Our Beginner Quilter class will teach you everything you need to know to make your first quilt. 

Beginner Quilter class details

Monthly Transformation Series Classes

Each month you get access to a new class, ultimately building to include all the techniques I have developed to create my award-winning work. These lessons will cover a wide spectrum of technical and artistic skills, which will be invaluable in aiding you to move forward in your own work.  

Each month you will get:

  • Access to a new class delivered by me showing you the exact techniques I have used to make my award winning quilts.
  • Downloadable copies of patterns and instructions.
  • Examples of how I also use the same techniques in projects other than quilting.
  • An exclusive Facebook group where you can ask questions about any of the topics we cover and more.
  • Question and answer sessions where I answer your queries.
  • Details of the tools, fabric, thread, and gadgets I use, and hopefully some special offers exclusively for the group.

Subscription Options

We have two options - a monthly subscription, and annual subscription. Each option is available in US Dollars or GB Pounds - you choose which one to pay.

Sign up now - Pay Annually
Sign up now - Pay Monthly

Purchase the annual subscription to get 12 classes for the price of 10. You get instant access to the first three classes, followed by a class a month until you have all twelve.

Purchase the monthly subscription to get a new class each month - starting in month 1 with "Piping and Binding", and month 2 with  "Precision Piecing".

These are some of the Facebook comments we received when we let people know about the courses....


As usual, I have learned so much; even though I have sewn since I was 14 and I am now 71, I stilled learned more detail to help me do the best I can. This is what I want and why I am taking your on-line course.


I feel like I have just done a two day workshop, with the amount I have learned just from this module. My block is looking so much better than I have ever done before - and I'm nowhere near a beginner at quilting. 


Absolutely brilliant Phillipa. I have been piecing for a number of years now, but this class has given me a great insight into improving my methods. Your explanations and instructions are so clear, it really does help me to understand better, when you explain why you do certain things.


Just finished this class and wow! I've never sewn such an accurate block. I really learned a lot of tips and tricks to help improve my piecing as well as realizing why sometimes my triangle piecing doesn't always come out just right.

Sign up now - Pay Annually
Sign up now - Pay Monthly

About Philippa Naylor:

Originally university trained as a clothing designer, I worked for many years in industry designing lingerie and wedding dresses. A chance meeting in 1996 led to my first quilting class - and a total change of direction in my career. Since then my original quilts and garments have been exhibited worldwide, and I have been proud to win many major awards in the USA and UK. I am the only non-American to have more than one quilt in The National Quilt Museum in Kentucky, where three of my works are held. I have also written two quilting books - 'Quilting In The Limelight' and 'Appliqué Mastery'.  

Travelling to teach nationally and internationally has opened up a whole new world, one which I never dreamed would be part of my life. My schedule is so busy that I am taking bookings three or more years in advance. So in order to be able to share my knowledge more widely, and to ensure all my sewing expertise is documented for everyone to gain access to, I have created an on-line website where I can tell you all about my quilts and show you the methods I used to make them.  

Sign up now - Pay Annually
Sign up now - Pay Monthly

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