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Patchwork Cushions Class


The patchwork cushions class shows you how to turn your beautiful blocks into perfectly executed cushions.

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Philippa's patchwork cushion class contains over 4 hours of teaching in which she discusses five different types and styles of cushion, as well as lots of options for additional embellishments.

Single sided, double sided, flanged and piped. Hidden zips and embellished with buttons. In no time your blocks will become home furnishing works of art - keep for yourself or give as a gift.

The class is taught as a series of on-line pre-recorded videos that you can watch when it is convenient to you, and as many times as you need. 

Simply log in to your online library and watch the class on your PC, tablet or phone.

There is no start or end date, so you can begin whenever you are ready, and come back to the class whenever you need to in the future.

What you will learn:

Cushion 1: Decorative front and zip in back
Cushion 2: Decorative front and back and zip in bottom edge
Cushion 3: Deep cushion with a gusset
Cushion 4: Pieced cushion with flanged edge
Cushion 5: Piped nine patch cushion

You can purchase the class today
for just £25 GBP or $33 USD

Buy now for £25 (GBP)
Buy now for $25 (USD)

What do people say about Philippa's teaching?


As usual, I have learned so much; even though I have sewn since I was 14 and I am now 71, I stilled learned more detail to help me do the best I can. 


I feel like I have just done a two day workshop, with the amount I have learned just from this module. 


Wow! I’m thrilled with what I’m learning. Developing some good habits. I can see such improvement.


Absolutely love your teaching style and how it sparks my creativity. Thanks for putting all your heart into teaching! I love this class!!!.

Buy now for £25 (GBP)
Buy now for $33 (USD)

About Philippa Naylor:

Originally university trained as a clothing designer, I worked for many years in industry designing lingerie and wedding dresses. A chance meeting in 1996 led to my first quilting class - and a total change of direction in my career. Since then my original quilts and garments have been exhibited worldwide, and I have been proud to win many major awards in the USA and UK. 

Travelling to teach nationally and internationally has opened up a whole new world, one which I never dreamed would be part of my life. My schedule became so busy that I was taking bookings three or more years in advance. So in order to be able to share my knowledge more widely, and to ensure all my sewing expertise is documented for everyone to gain access to, I now focus on creating on-line classes to  teach and share my techniques.  

Buy now for £25 (GBP)
Buy now for $33 (USD)

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