Which marking pencils does Philippa use?

equipment Aug 05, 2021

I try and keep it simple and basically use an HB mechanical pencil on pale fabrics (regular pencil can get blunt and give a very thick line whilst a mechanical pencil is always a fine line).

Occasionally I use a 2H pencil which has a harder graphite 'lead'! Pencil graphite ranges from 9B which is very soft to 9H which is very hard. There is an F pencil as well which sharpens to a very fine point. Maybe I should try this one too!

For dark fabrics I most often use 'The General's Charcoal White 558' pencil. This is an American brand and they have been making pencils in New Jersey since 1889. https://www.generalpencil.com

I have tried Sewline and Bohin ceramic pencils in various pastel shades and find them good but not significantly better than regular coloured pencils when the tips are kept very sharp. I have a lot of pencil crayons dating back decades so I tend to use these because they are what I have.

I don't use Frixion pens. Just not keen on the idea of them - but that's not to say you shouldn't use them.

I don't use marker pens designed specifically for quilters. They're expensive and I don't see any advantages over what I've chatted about above.

I must stress that I draw a fine line with a light touch - enough to see but not so strong it will not be covered by the stitching. And I do try very hard to sew exactly on the drawn line.

Another factor to consider is the light at your machine. I have a lot of extra light so that I can see my drawn lines. This might be something you want to address to help you with your ability to see your design lines.



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