What type of iron does Philippa use?

equipment Aug 05, 2021

Philippa says:

I like a heavy steam iron for really good pressing. I do not own or use little travel/craft irons because I do not think they are up to the job (but are worthwhile in class situations - if the room has a sufficient power supply!).

At the moment I am using a Swan Prosteam 2200W chamber steam iron which I bought at somewhere like Home Bargains for £50 (about $70-$80 US). You can see it in all the classes. It has been fab and when it stopped working, just within its 2 year guarantee, Swan took it back and quickly repaired it and returned it to me at no cost. This is amazing service and wonderful to have it repaired not ditched. I thoroughly recommend it and Swan for their product, service and ethics. It does not turn off when there is no movement but I am judicious about when I switch it on and off. I use water collected from my dehumidifier whenever possible rather than tap water.

I choose to get up and down to iron, rather than have the iron stationed next to my sewing machine. This is to ensure some movement during a very sedentary procedure. Getting up and sitting is a full squat - so why not build this in to your day and do it every time you need to iron? (and promise yourself not to skip ironing to avoid the all importation squat!).


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