What equipment do I need to start Quilting?

equipment Aug 05, 2021

Philippa’s suggested starter kit for quilting:

Cutting mat
A medium sized, good quality cutting mat (e.g. 17” x 22” approx)

Rotary cutter
A 45mm Olfa rotary cutter RTY-2/G (just the basic version - no fancy added bits)
plus some spare 45mm blades

Quilters’ rulers
Omnigrid 6½” square quilters’ ruler
Omnigrid 6 x 24” quilters’ ruler

Sewing machine needles
70/10 Universal or Microtex sewing machine needles

Hand sewing needles
Embroidery needles size 9 or 10

Clover or Bohin 0.4mm glass headed pins

Machine threads
Superior Threads Bottomline 60-weight thread for the bobbin
If your machine likes it, use Bottomline in the top as well,
or Superior Threads Kimono 100-weight silk in the top (expensive)
or Aurifil 50/2 cotton (budget)

Karen Kay Buckley scissors - blue medium sized, micro-serrated ones

We are assuming you already have a sewing machine :D


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