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Season 1 (Classes 1-12)

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Season 1 includes 12 classes to transform your quilting:

  • Piping and Binding
  • Precision Piecing
  • Turned Edge Appliqué
  • Free Motion Machine Quilting
  • Borders and Facings
  • Happy Hearts Curved Piecing
  • Satin stitch and Blanket stitch Appliqué
  • Trapunto
  • Prairie Points and Rouleau loops
  • Paper Piecing
  • Stems and Bias Strips
  • Free Motion Feathers

Season Two includes a further 12 classes:

  • Creative Curved Piecing
  • Further Fabulous Finishes
  • Whole-cloth Quilts & Embellished Trapunto
  • Reverse Appliqué
  • Jacks Chain
  • Design & Composition
  • Advanced Piecing
  • How To Quilt As Desired!
  • Miniature Quilts
  • Beautiful Bargello Techniques

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What are people saying about
Quilters' Question Time? 

I have just finished watching this last class of the year. As usual, so much detail and a joy to watch. As we endure national lockdown, this class in particular was cheerful, bright, colourful and a total escape from everything.


Wow! I have learnt so much from this class and can really see the difference in my work! It’s also so much more relaxing to slow the pace of the piecing right down and enjoy the process as well as the results.”


I have signed up for this, it is the best course I have ever seen online. Not just for the abundance of information, excellent filming and extra little tips, but her infectious, girl next door personality. Love it.


Wow! Your techniques are incredible - thank you! I have appliqued for years and was almost going to skip this module but I am very glad I didn't!


I just loved watching you make the circles, hearts and everything else you did. I have been quilting for 6 years but have never seen a teacher like you - I would like you to come and live with me for 3 months. My standards have suddenly leapt up high.


I have enjoyed this module so much and can't believe how much I have learned! I have done dressmaking all my life and have made a few quilts. I'm now looking forward to the next modules and also to making another quilt using the skills you've shown me.


Wow! I’m thrilled with what I’m learning. Developing some good habits. I can see such improvement.


“I really enjoyed watching this class, it felt like you were answering any questions I may have had as we went along. Almost like having a live class with you, (I wish), one day maybe.


Thank you so much for your concise teaching and excellent up close videography. I have been sewing and quilting for quite a while, but I have learned so much from this first lesson. Bravo!!!


Absolutely love your teaching style and how it sparks my creativity. Thanks for putting all your heart into teaching! I love this class!!!.


WOW ! This was sew awesome. I was working on a quilt while watching these and started applying the techniques you showed us and oh my goodness what a difference in my blocks !


Although I have been sewing for many years, I am basically self taught, so it has been wonderful to watch how you execute various techniques. 


Yes please - I would like to sign up for a 14 day for £1

Who is Philippa Naylor?

Philippa is an award winning quilter and quilting teacher based in Yorkshire, England. She has applied her extensive knowledge of couture dress making and design to her quilting.

Before she discovered quilting, Philippa trained as a clothing designer and worked as a lingerie designer for 5 years. She then moved into designing and making bespoke ball gowns and wedding dresses. 

Her quilt 'Lime Light' won ‘Best Of Show’ at the American Quilter’s Society Show, Paducah, Kentucky, USA in 2003. (The photo below is a reproduction on the wall outside the National Quilt Museum.)

Her miniature quilt 'Measure for Measure' (pictured below) won 'Best Of Show' at the Festival Of Quilts Birmingham, England in 2017.

Philippa has had many other category winning awards at major shows.

Its not easy to get on a course with Philippa because her classes always fill up really quickly. People comment on her generosity in sharing all that she knows about each subject, but she also has a great sense of fun and a Yorkshire no-nonsense attitude which makes her classes lively and entertaining as well.

If you follow Philippa on instagram, you will get a flavour of the wide range of activities about which Philippa is also passionate, including her garden and her ducks and geese - which also feature in her quilt designs.  



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