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Everything you need to know to make your first quilt


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Philippa Naylor is teaching an on-line class telling you everything you need to know to begin quilting.

Since Philippa Naylor started teaching quilting on-line in 2019, she has frequently been asked to teach a Beginners class. 

So we made one. It is designed for first time quilters, and it covers everything you need to know.

When we first released it, thousands of people (yes really!) signed up within a few weeks.  

Here are some of the things they said:

Best class I’ve ever taken. You make everything so crystal clear Philippa!


Although I am not a beginner I still found out a lot of new information and some areas where I was not making life easy for myself so thank you as always


I don't think I could ever say enough about your classes. I have loved every second of your teachings.


Yes please - I would like to take the Beginner Class

How does it work?

All the classes are pre-recorded videos which you watch on line via the Quilters Question Time website.
You can watch them as often as you want, whenever you want. 
There is no time limit and you can come back and watch the classes again and again for as long as you want.

If you enjoy the class you have the option to sign up for further classes.

You also get the option to join the exclusive and very active Facebook group where you will find lots of questions, answers, pictures of members work and much more posted every day.


Thank you so much for this amazing class. I have soooooo enjoyed making my quilt along with you and I have learnt so much. I am about to start hand sewing the binding and when that is done I would like to hang it on the wall as you display yours.


Even though I have been making quilts recently I found this course really useful as patterns dont tell you best needles and stitch length etc. Phillipa always has such good tips for all stages. I always look forward to all the classes. You are such a great teacher.


What a wonderful experience! Philippa’s covered all those things in this course that have eluded me in turning out a piece that is both beautiful and functional. Thank you many times over for sharing your award winning expertise. I am eternally grateful.


Yes please - I would like to take the Beginner Class

What topics are covered?

The class includes around 4.5 hours of videos discussing and
demonstrating all the techniques to make a quilt from first principles.

* Introduction to quilting. *
* Equipment recommendations. *
* Understanding fabric choices. *
* Thread and needles for quilting. *
* Rotary cutting techniques for accurate piecing. *
* Introduction to the class project. *
* Sewing machine set-up. *
* Creating a simple quilt top - cutting squares and sewing into rows. *
* Pressing skills. *
* Layering up with wadding/batting. *
* Quilting ideas - in the ditch and line quilting. *
* Trimming up. *
* Binding with invisible joins. *

How much does it cost?

If you were to take an in person class with Philippa Naylor - the cost per day would be anything between £40 and £100.

It is very hard to get on an in person class with Philippa because she does not teach as often as she used to, and her classes always book up really quickly (check out the testimonials if you want to know why.)

The beginners class contains about 4.5 hours of lessons. 

But the video classes have many additional benefits:

* Watch when it is convenient to you.
*  Re-watch as often as you need to.
* Come back later to refresh your memory
* Close up camera shots and still shots that you would not get in a large group.

You can purchase the Beginners Class today for £30

( See prices in US Dollars )

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Who is Philippa Naylor?

Philippa is an award winning quilter and quilting teacher based in Yorkshire, England. She has applied her extensive knowledge of couture dress making and design to her quilting.

Before she discovered quilting, Philippa trained as a clothing designer and worked as a lingerie designer for 5 years. She then moved into designing and making bespoke ball gowns and wedding dresses. 

Her quilt 'Lime Light' won ‘Best Of Show’ at the American Quilter’s Society Show, Paducah, Kentucky, USA in 2003. As you can see below the  National Quilt Museum chose to show a reproduction of Philippa's quilt on the wall outside the museum.

Philippa's miniature quilt 'Measure for Measure' (pictured below) won 'Best Of Show' at the Festival Of Quilts Birmingham, England in 2017.

Philippa has had many other category winning awards at major shows.

Its not easy to get on a course with Philippa because her classes always fill up really quickly. People comment on her generosity in sharing all that she knows about each subject, but she also has a great sense of fun and a Yorkshire no-nonsense attitude which makes her classes lively and entertaining as well.

If you follow Philippa on instagram, you will get a flavour of the wide range of activities about which Philippa is also passionate, including her garden and her ducks and geese - which also feature in her quilt designs.

Philippa, you are so funny. Your lessons are brilliant and I concentrate so hard, so much to learn, then find myself laughing out loud because of something you’ve said. Humour is a great teaching tool, especially your quirky and good natured sense of fun. Thank you x


Brilliant course which I have now watched through twice and followed step by step as I have worked for the binding. Each time I have remembered different tips as I have gone along and can see the improvement in each small project (Christmas table runner & place mats).


Love the tip at the end about blocking the quilt to make it flat. That has always been my weak point. Looking forward to my next quilts to make use of these suggestions! I took lots of notes!!


Have just watched all this through and have learned so much, I started quilting last year when I retired and have made a few small quilts and table runners and mats. My goodness I wish I’d seen these videos before I started, you have explained so much in such a simple way. I now know all the mistakes I made but am now going to rectify them with my next project, fabric on the line as I type!


Finished watching you confirmed what I was thinking about the ¼ foot so the guide is now removed and I’m ready to go. Picked up many tips for straightening up before binding. My first quilt for my grandson demonstrates my lack of knowledge so now hopefully going to make him a straight edge one. Although sewing for 40+years it proves you can always learn new things.


I've been sewing for decades and have done a few quilts over the years. However. I've always felt that I was just chancing my arm with each quilt I made. After doing this Beginners Class I now feel qualified to call myself a quilter. I have just started the second series and look forward to learning so many more techniques which you present so fantastically well.


Phillippa, the beginner's quilting module was awesome. I am new to quilting and just created my first quilt. Each and every lesson of yours addressed some of the hurdles and doubts I encountered. I am highly motivated and looking forward to creating my next quilt putting into practice all the insights and guidance provided by you. Thank you once again for sharing your expertise.


I’ve been sewing since I was about 10 and quilting since 1993 in my late 30’s, but I picked up so much from this class—either things I do in a different manner or don’t do at all. Discussion of blocking was interesting. In all my years of classes and seminars in the U.S., blocking has never been mentioned or recommended.


I was very impressed & happy that I signed up! I binge watched all of the beginner series on the same day! And I love that I can go back in & rewatch as much as needed to refresh my memory!


Yes please - sign me up

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