Further Fabulous Finishes

Further Fabulous Finishes is Philippa’s fourth finishing techniques class.

It is a great class to inspire you with new techniques and designs – explaining in detail how to get the most beautiful results, and including a dose of Yorkshire humour along the way.

Bindings for Hexagons

In this class Philippa continues to demonstrate how to create beautiful bindings – this time on hexagons, hexagons with curves, and scalloped edges.

Wavy and Scalloped Edging

Philippa then demonstrates how to create two more unusual quilt edges - how to design and sew the curved edge style from her award-winning Bird by Bird quilt, and how to create a scalloped edge.

Hanging Sleeves

Next Philippa shows how she creates her hanging sleeves - which are required for competition quilts, but equally useful just to display your quilt in your home. There are versions for large quilts including how to stop the top flopping over above the hanging sleeve on very large or wavy edges quilts and also for miniature quilts.

Quilt Labels

Finally Philippa reviews how she creates her quilt labels and what information she includes.

Whether you are looking for some fun ideas for your next quilt, or aiming to create a competition winning design and execution, this class will deliver the information you need.

The usual price for this class is $33. It is available at a special offer price of $15 until 30th November 2023.

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$40.00 USD

Get two additional classes
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Prairie Points and Rouleau Loops
Sashing, Attic Windows and Pieced Borders

More than 6 hours of Philippa's techniques and tips for just $30.