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The Curtain Class (GBP)

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Philippa Naylor’s Curtain class will teach you everything you need to know to make perfect curtains.

In nearly 4 hours of teaching, Philippa discusses different types and styles of curtain; when each of them might be used; what equipment you might need; suggestions for curtain widths and how to calculate the amount of fabric you will need.

Philippa then makes three types of curtain, showing you the detailed construction techniques with each curtain.

1. Standard lined curtain

Firstly a standard, lined curtain with purchased heading tape, showing how to sew the curtain sides and hem, and how to attach the lining. Finally how to attach the heading tape and adjust it to fit the width perfectly.

2. Pinch pleat or goblet pleat style curtain 

The second curtain Philippa makes for the class is a ‘pinch pleat’ or ‘goblet’ style curtain using buckram in the heading, which gives a more formal looking curtain.

3. Interlined curtain

The final example Philippa sews is an interlined curtain – with an additional lining layer which makes it ideal as a blackout or to keep heat in or out of a room.

The class is taught as a series of on-line pre-recorded videos that you can watch when it is convenient to you, and as many times as you need. There is no start or end date, so you can come back to the class whenever you need to in the future.


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